Second Wave - 2023

1 minute

The second wave of participants started in January 2023.

The program ran till mid of April 2023 and consists of 4 blocks:

  • Onboarding and project kickoff. Mentor- mentees matching and get-to-know each other,
  • CV and cover letter,
  • LinkedIn and Networking,
  • Job interview trainings.

Each block starts with webinars supporting the current topic held by the core team and external speakers.

The general peer-to-peer approach will remain unchanged also in 2023: mentors will work directly with their mentees carrying over several sessions with them. They start with the analysis of their current profession situation, candidates’ wishes and possible work opportunities and then work on the main topics of the program over the coming weeks.

The registration for the program is currently closed.

If you are a Ukrainian with status S based in Switzerland and you would like to participate in the 3. wave planned for the 2nd half of 2023, please submit your application including CV to our mailbox.

We have just one admission requirement for our Ukrainian participants: strong will to find an employment and readiness to participate actively over the program duration. Knowledge of foreign languages, education or professional background are not considered as criteria to enter the project.