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The program was wonderful, very productive, the sessions and webinars were very rich and passed in one breath. Good and friendly mentors, very knowledgeable. Special thanks to my mentor Sofia, she is a true professional. Very easy and simple perception of a large amount of information. In general - a super program that accelerates your integration in this country! Huge thanks to the creators!

Iryna Fabryka

Power Hub Zug not only gives strength, it restores faith in yourself, in your strength, makes you feel again your own value as a professional. It motivates and inspires.

Olena Pantsyuk

My name is Oleksandr. Last spring I came to Switzerland with my big family. I am grateful to the people who developed and supported this project - they gave absolutely clear advice, taught me the skills of writing resumes, cover letters, prepared for future interviews, and even provided everyone with their own mentor who accompanied me almost every day in such a difficult stage of life as finding a new work. I am grateful to my mentor, Dmytro Yurchenko, for how much effort and time he invested in helping me to find the questions that interested me. People, thank you, you are really cool!

Oleksandr Dzhurynskyi

Power Hub Zug is a place for people looking not only for a job but generally to obtain new skills and develop their personalities. I’m thrilled that I have such a good mentor, and I’m grateful to the organisers and other participants for their attention and shared experience. This place is for people who want positive emotions, professional support and encouragement to work and live in Switzerland. Pleasant and qualified organisers will help and tell you how to create documents. You can ask questions anytime; they will help you with this, even recording lectures. I am grateful to all the organisers for their excellent cooperation and favourable mood.

Nina Bukreieva

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