First wave - 2022

2 minutes

The pilot project officially started with a kickoff and information meeting on the 17th of June 2022, organized with the help of canton Zug, RAV Zug (Regionales Arbeitsvermittlungszentrum Zug), the associations GGZ@work and “FRW Zug Interkultureller Dialog” and many other supporters. We were very inspired by the support we received from different organizations and people in the canton!

During summer 2022 we worked continuously to build up a group of volunteer mentors and to form a pilot group of Ukrainian participants with status S based in the canton Zug.

Each participant has received an assignment of a matching mentor who best covered his/her needs, based on the professional background of each participant and mentors’ job experience, language knowledge, etc.

Each mentor and mentees hold at least 3 sessions together, covering most important topics like:

  • Strategies to find a job
  • Requirements for a specific profession
  • Optimization of the CV for a specific job
  • Mock interviews
  • Developing resilience during job search
  • Importance of building a professional network

Additionally, we organized a series of online webinars for participants:

  • 🎥 Webinar “How to write a CV” - recording
  • 🎥 Webinar “How to prepare for a job interview” - recording
  • 🎥 Webinar “LinkedIn for your job search” - recording
  • 🎥 Webinar “Cover letter” - recording

As long as the mentors were working with their mentees, we set up several meetings of mentors and mentees where all participants had a chance to network together, to get inspired by the experiences and advice of our mentors and by success stories of some of the participants.

We closed the pilot program in November 2022 with a final get-together for all participants. The core team collected and evaluated feedback from participants and mentors to be able to better plan for the next cohort.

2022 in numbers:

  • 19 mentors
  • Over 20 participants, 83,33% of them women
  • 230 members in our Facebook group (as of 27.12 2022)
  • 100% of the pilot group participants think that the Power Hub Zug initiative is useful for Ukrainian refugees’ community in the canton of Zug